About Us

1872 Clothing is a website run by Rangers fans, for Rangers fans.

We produce original, quality merchandise themed around Rangers FC which is 100% unofficial.

It is our belief that we run the best, and most original unofficial Rangers and loyalist clothing store online.

Since the start, in January 2009, we have used the highest standard of materials available at the best possible cost to ensure we deliver quality at reasonable prices to bears and bearettes all over the world. 

Comprising of hundreds of designs, our product range includes mens, ladies and kids clothing, providing Rangers t-shirts, polos, rugby tops, hoodies, zippers and hats. We constantly add new and original designs to our catalogue, so make sure you check the site to see what's new.

Most items can be customised to suit you - all you have to do is ask.

Service is important to us - as our customers are fellow fans, we make sure we look after them, as we would expect the same from any bluenose business. With this in mind, we will accommodate most requests where possible.

We are open to any suggestions, which you can submit via the Contact page, or our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

We are the Rangers, we are the people.

1872 Clothing
By Rangers fans, for Rangers fans

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